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Past WSU Symposia

2019: Foundations for the Future: Embracing New Agricultural Technology

Feeding the future depends on innovation in agriculture, including new technology, diverse crops, and improvement to classic methods.

WSU Plant Science Symposium Washington State University

Symposium Recordings & Poster Abstracts

The 2019 WSU Plant Science Symposium, Foundations for the Future: Embracing New Agricultural Technology, can be viewed at the following link:

Poster abstracts


Joyce Van Eck Boyce Thompson Institute: Center for Plant Biotechnology Research

Topic: Fast-tracking Improvement of Groundcherry and Goldenberry by CRISPR:
Ripening the Potential of Underutilized Fruit Crops

Sayed Azam-Ali University of Nottingham-Malaysia: Crops for The Future

Topic: Forgotten Foods to Feed the Future

Argelia Lorence Arkansas State University: Plant High-Throughput Phenotyping Facility

Topic: Harnessing the Power of -omic Approaches to Better Understand the Role
of the Inositol Pathway to Ascorbate at Conferring Plants Enhanced
Growth and Resilience to Abiotic Stresses

Lav Khot Washington State University: Agricultural Automation Engineering

Topic: Transitioning to Smart Agriculture: Technology Landscape

Amanda Cavanagh University of Illinois: Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Topic: Engineering an Alternative Photorespiration Pathway to Improve Photosynthesis and Crop Yield

Rosana Serikawa Corteva Agriscience: Agricultural Division of DowDuPont

Topic: Product Development – From Discovery to Orphan Crops Registrations

Student Speakers

Niall Miller WSU-Vancouver

Topic: The Effects of Domestication on the Legume-Rhizobia Mutualism

Travel grant recipient

Anil Adhikari Texas A&M

Topic: Hybrid wheat: a promising technology for feeding the future

Travel grant recipient

Holly Lane Texas A&M

Topic: Correlating Near-Infrared Spectra of Kernels to Grain Yield in Maize

Travel grant recipient


2018: Diversity in Agriculture

Diversity is inherent to plant breeding, not only in the germplasm and environments we study, but also regarding the people, techniques, and ideas.

WSU Plant Science Symposium Washington State University

Symposium Recordings & Poster Abstracts

The 2018 WSU Plant Science Symposium, Diversity in Agriculture, can be viewed at the following link:

Symposium Recording

Poster Abstracts


Paul Christou ICREA Research Professor at Universitat de Lleida

Topic: Thirty five years of plant biotechnology: Personal reflections and the importance of diversity

Linda MacKechnie Ball Horticultural Company

Topic: Terraces and Islands: Career Migration in Plant Biology

Debora Menicos Driscoll’s

Topic: Increasing diversity is the main key to improvement for plants breeding and for professional development

Nilsa Bosque-Perez University of Idaho, Moscow

Topic: Utilizing crop diversity to enhance resistance to insect pests

Teresa Capell Universitat de Lleida

Topic: Corn domestication: diversity and artistic creativity for science communication

Renee Lafitte

Corteva Agriscience


Elizabeth Lee University of Guelph

Topic: Diversity-Variation-Change: Lessons that we can learn from plant breeding


2017: Pioneering Ideas in Agriculture

A unique focus on entrepreneurial endeavors with innovative approaches to agriculture.

Symposium Recordings & Poster Abstracts

The 2017 WSU Plant Science Symposium, Pioneering Ideas in Agriculture, can be viewed at the following two links:

Symposium Recording Part 1

Symposium Recording Part 2

Poster Abstracts


Amit Dhingra Washington State University & Phytelligence

Topic: Does graduate school produce innovative thinkers?


Patrick Schnable Iowa State University & Data2Bio

Topic: Entrepreneurship and Academia: Three case Studies

Roger Muren Formerly Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds

Topic: Innovation in the private seed industry

Jason Cavotorta Earthworks Seeds

Topic: Challenges & Opportunities in Agricultural Start-ups

Nicholas Staropoli Genetic Literacy Project

Topic: Genetic Literacy Project and its role in achieving public scientific literacy related to agricultural biotechnology

Matt King DuPont Pioneer

Topic: From satellites to sequencing: driving precision agriculture through collaborations and innovation